About Us

Sign the online petition http://www.change.org/en-AU/petitions/lift-redfern-make-redfern-station-accessible-now

We ask that you continue to support the campaign by signing this online petition requesting a definite timeframe from Government as to when work will start on a full upgrade of the station as well as the immediate installation of lifts on platforms 11 & 12 as an interim measure.

Who is behind Lift Redfern

Lift Redfern has been formed by a wide range of community groups who are fed up with no lifts at Redfern Station. The formation meeting bought together organizations including business, the arts, the Aboriginal communities, community services, resident groups and local political party branches. Below we have provided some information about some of the groups behind Lift Redfern.

Lift Redfern is supported by the following organisations.

Representatives from many of these organisations are also involved in the Organisers group of the Lift Redfern Campaign.

Residents Groups:

  • Alexandria Residents Action Group
  • Friends of Erskineville
  • Residents Acting In Defence of Darlington (RAIDD)
  • REDWatch
  • Waterloo Neighbourhood Advisory Board (NAB)

Community Centres:

  • South Sydney Community Aid Multicultural Neighborhood Centre
  • The Factory Community Centre
  • The Sydney University Settlement

Business Groups

  • South Sydney Business Chamber

Universities and Colleges

  • The University of Sydney

Arts Groups

  • CarriageWorks
  • Performance Space
  • Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance

Sports Groups

  • South Sydney Rabbitohs

Aboriginal Organisations

  • Redfern Aboriginal Alliance
  • Babana Aboriginal Men’s Group Inc.
  • Gadigal Information Services

Community Service Providers

  • Inner City Regional Council for Social Development
  • Redfern Legal Centre
  • South East Sydney Community Transport
Community Housing Providers
  • Bridge Housing Limited


Political Party Branches

  • Alexandria Branch of the ALP
  • Darlington Branch of ALP
  • Erskineville Branch of the ALP
  • Redfern Branch of the ALP
  • South Sydney Greens

Councillors and local Representatives

  • Councillor Meridith Burgmann
  • Councillor Irene Doutney
  • Councillor Chris Harris
  • Councillor Marcelle Hoff
  • Kristina Keneally MP
  • Deputy Lord Mayor Robert Kok
  • Councillor John MacInerney
  • Lord Mayor Clover Moore MP
  • Jamie Parker MP
  • Tanya Plibersek MP
  • Carmel Tebbutt MP

Broader Civil Society Groups

  • Groundswell Coalition
  • Sydney Alliance
  • Representatives involved in various unions:
  • Australian Manufacturing Workers Union
  • Australian Services Union
  • Rail Tram and Bus Union
  • United Voice
  • National Tertiary Education Union
  • Unions NSW

3 Comments on “About Us”

  1. Jann Merchant says:

    My elderly uncle fell on the stairs at Redfern a few years ago and has never fully recovered in a number of ways. It amazes me that this incredibly busy station has never been upgraded with this facility – I think it shameful that the elderly and disabled in this area are left to cope when other government run facilities are improved all over the city and the rail network. Worth remembering that they and their families have votes too…

  2. mark spinks says:

    Please add the Redfern Aboriginal Men’s Group BABANA , to your list of supporters – Monday to Friday Redfern station is one of the busiest Raiway Stations in the State and the Redfern / Waterloo Dept Housing estates house so many people with disabilities who are dependent on public housing yet NO LIFTS AT REDFERN STATION , I have also seen so many mothers over the years struggle up Redfern station steps with their prams as well as the elderly yet NO LIFTS AT REDFERN STATION !!

  3. Chris says:

    Redfern station is an appalling bad, uninviting, overcrowded station. It does not address the basic needs of the daily commuter let alone any visitor to NSW.

    Modernisation & improvements – particularly for access are a requirement for most world cities. Even London Underground had to re-fit as many underground stations with lifts and disabled access years ago – only claiming exemption on the oldest and most expensive to renovate sites.

    No excuse CityRail – you’re service to the fare paying public is non existent. NSW Government – it would be wise for you to abandon your chauffeured-cars for a day and see what the masses have to endure… particularly on a wet rainy day…

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