Media Release Gladys Berejiklian Redfern Station upgrade – Thursday 15th August 2013

Government Policy on Railway Access Upgrades – REDWatch website March 2013

Government Priority Criteria for Station Upgrades like Redfern – REDWatch website March 2013

NSW Fails Easy Access – South Sydney Herald, 4th March

Lift Redfern Online Petition – 4th March, South Sydney Herald

Hoenig Raises Lifts – 4th March, South Sydney Herald

Ron Hoenig Member for Heffron – Disabled Access to Redfern Railway Station required urgently – 16th Feb 2013

Lift Redfern Campaign – “Where to Next?”  – Laura Kelly, South Sydney Herald 7th February 2013

Lift Redfern Co-ord Group Statement Sept 2012 Lift Redfern Co-ord Group Statement – Sept 2012

The Greens Heffron Campaign MR 22 Aug 2012 – Media Release from The Greens Heffron candidate and Lift Redfern Supporter Mehreen Faruqi

Campaign on Track – Central Magazine 22nd August, page 9

Lift Redfern Media Release – Pre-debate – Media statement from Lift Redfern spokesperson Geoff Turnbull


[youtube=]  Channel Ten news 28th May

Page 3 – Central Mag 9th May – Residents Demand A Lift

Lift Redfern Media release – The Hon Kristina Keneally MP

Media Release 5pm Monday 30th April – 11 000 demand immediate action to make Redfern Station accessible

page 5 artcile – Central April 25th –  Big Issue vendor, Eddie’ story

South Sydney Herald – April page 2  – Campaign ratchets up pressure for lifts at Redfern

MX Article Monday 19th March – Did you read it?

Sydney Morning Herald page 2 – Monday 19th March marks the launch of Lift Redfern

Front page of the March edition of the Sydney Morning Herald, “Campaign launch for lifts at Redfern”

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