Phase #2 of the Lift Redfern campaign is now underway!  Following the Parliamentary debate in August 2012 the community has still not been given a definite timeframe as to when we can expect work to begin on the much needed upgrade of Redfern Station.

We ask that you continue to support the campaign by signing this online petition requesting a definite timeframe from Government as to when work will start on a full upgrade of the station as well as the immediate installation of lifts on platforms 11 & 12 as an interim measure.

Please follow this link to sign a letter to the Minister for Transport NSW and President for the Legislative Council of NSW and share with your friends, family and colleagues.
Let’s work together to ‘Make Redfern Station Accessible’!


The Lift Redfern Station Campaign needs to have paper petition to meet NSW Parliamentary requirements as electronic signatures do not count.  We encourage visitors to this site to support this campaign by printing the petition and collecting signatures, which can then be mailed to the PO Box at the bottom of the sheet.  Here you can download the PDF for the petition.

Download the petition in Landscape

Download the petition in Portrait

*If you are from a community organisation or local business and would like to hold a ‘petition kit’ on your premise you can downloads all of the Lift Redfern documents to support the petition here:

Contact Flyer

What’s On?

Who is behind Lift Redfern



9 Comments on “Petition”

  1. Guy says:

    The petition text mentions residents living in Redfern and nearby suburbs. Is it only people who have addresses there eligible to sign the petition?

  2. Jenny says:

    Is there also going to be an online petition?

    • Hi Jenny,

      Online petitions cannot be submitted to Government therefore we will only be using paper petitions. These can be downloaded from the links above and returned to the PO BOX address provided.

  3. sung hoon kim says:

    I really think we need a lift at Redfern Station.

  4. john says:

    hey look i love Redfern. Im a man who regularly took my son in a pram to Redfern Station. Everytime without fail someone offered to help lift the pram up the stairs…(this says a lot about the people at Redfern), whilst sometimes the people offering, looked like they had travelled life’s hard road, they still outstretched their hand in offering me assistance.(like i said you gotta love Redfern) I could understand a woman’s reticence to accept such assistance. Come on Clover you got bike lanes on Bourke Street lets get lifts at Redfern!

  5. huffnpuff says:

    good to see that something is being done for the redfern community at the railway station and hope they will get the elevator soon

  6. micheal brown says:

    all railway stations should have elevators for disabled , for elderly , for people with injuries, people with walking sticks , people with emphasiema , asma suffers , for the blind , , for those who a crippled, those who are in wheel chairs, those have back injuries , straight forward for the disavantage who can not walk the stairs of which they try to do but have to stop so far after they have got up the stairs or down and for those people who are affraid of falling backwards down the stairs or falling forward down the stairs , as their are poeple in the communities who are like this , i can only hope all railway stations will have a lift or elevator on their platform and for the trians to just wait those few minutes extra for those of the disadvantage i should of mentioned all this when i signed the petition as huffnpuff but will put my real name here this time , micheal brown

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