What’s On?

Elephant Competition!


Lift Redfern has launched Phase #2 of our campaign, we have partnered with University of Sydney student group Engineers Without Borders to run this fun and wacky competition.

It is open to the whole University not just the engineering students. We are calling on students to submit entries on how to transport an elephant up and down Redfern station for the chance to win $100!! Entries will be judged by Dr. Richard Barnes on their creativity as well as their integration of engineering concepts!

So tell us in 500 words or less along with an A4 diagram how YOU would transport and elephant to and from Redfern Station platforms, its too easy!

Entries close on 22nd March – email your submission to lift.elephant@gmail.com

Download poster here by clicking on the image!

Stay tuned for details of the prize giving event…… Not to be missed!!

Lift Redfern Campaign “Where to Next?” Meeting

Wednesday 30th January at 6.00pm

The Factory Community Centre, 67 Raglan Street, Waterloo 2017

As you all know the Parliamentary debate has been and gone, and it is time for us to start phase 2 of the campaign now that we are all refreshed and full of ideas after the Christmas break!

We are looking for people to have their thinking caps on and come up with creative and unique ways of the getting the NSW Government to take notice and ‘Make Redfern Station Accessible Now!!

Please follow this link of some thoughts and ideas prior to Wednesday’s meeting – Where to Next?

People’s Petition to Parliament of New South Wales

Thursday 23rd August at 4.30pm

Following the tabling of over 11,000 signatures to Parliament in May the Lift Redfern Campaign organisers have been advised that a debate is to take place on 23rd August at around 4.30pm.

We are calling on all Lift Redfern supporters to join us outside Parliament House at 4pm tomorrow prior to going inside to view the debate.  Please check the Facebook and Twitter profiles for further updates tomorrow.


Below please find the text of yesterday’s debate in Parliament regarding Lift Redfern.

There was no announcement by the Minister as close as we got was “We appreciate the challenges that must be addressed at Redfern and I acknowledge that people are experiencing difficulty accessing it. However, the Government is reviewing that situation and I look forward to making further comments about accessibility at our railway stations.”

The Lift Redfern Organisers will need to meet and discuss how we progress the campaign when people have had a chance to think about possible responses.

REDFERN RAILWAY STATION LIFT ACCESS – Parliament Debate 23rd August 2012

Petition Handover at Parliament House

Wednesday 2nd May at 10am

Lift Redfern organisers, volunteers and supporters will be handing over our 11,000 signatures to Ms Kristina Keneally at 10am on Wednesday 2nd May at Parliament House, prior to Parliament sitting at 10.30am.

We are calling on Lift Redfern supporters to join us at this handover event. *Exact location at Parliament House to be confirmed on Tuesday afternoon.

Our key message of this event is that Redfern Station needs to be on, and at the top of, the rail infrastructure works to-do list. Come along and show your support.

Final Official Tally Room Results

Thursday 26th April

Lift Redfern organisers are holding the final tally room count next Thursday, 26th April, in the lead up to officially handing the petitions over to Parliament in May.  We are currently at 9,028 signatures and fast approaching that finish line, we are asking everyone who may be holding signatures to please forward them to the PO Box or to South Sydney Community Aid or The Factory Community Centre to pass through to the tally room.

We will be petitioning at the Carriageworks for the Eveleigh Markets and the RedWater Markets this Saturday as well as at Redfern Station on Monday and Tuesday morning to gather those final 1,000+ signatures, if you are available to lend a hand let us know – liftredfern@gmail.com

Lets make Redfern station accessible NOW!

Official Tally Room Results

Friday 30th March

Lift Redfern organisers will hold the first official count of all the signatures gathered to date on Friday, 30th March.  If you have been collecting signatures or are holding any petition sheets please forward them to the PO Box or to either South Sydney Community Aid or The Factory Community Centre to passed through to the tally room.

We will then release our first figure at the end of the day on Friday.

Keep in mind that this is only the “first count’ and we will be continuing to petition at Redfern station as well as various community events over the next two weeks. So we encourage you to spare an hour in helping gather signatures in your street, place of work, or to volunteer at our petitioning activities either at Redfern station or The University of Sydney.  Drop us a line at liftredfern@gmail.com or call us on 9319 4073 if you want to find out more about how you can help the campaign.

*We will also be present at the Carriageworks for the Eveleigh Markets the next 3 Saturdays, if you are available to lend a hand let us know.

Posted Friday 30th March: We did our first official tally room count today and we have 5,768 signatures!! We are over the half way mark with 19 days to go….. Keep the signatures coming everyone!

Carriages & Platforms Week

Mon 19th March – Fri 23rd March

The Lift Redfern campaign will kick off with an official launch on the 19th March at 8am with “Carriages & Platforms Week” at Redfern station, leading into a month long signature push. Community members and commuters are urged to come along and support this call for action and help collect 10,000 signatures for a petition which can then generate debate in parliament to make Redfern station accessible NOW!

Campaign organisers and volunteers will be gathering signatures in and around Redfern station during peak times throughout the week.  If you would like to register to volunteer please click here.

We will be at Redfern Station with petitions to sign throughout the week at the following times, come along and join us:

Morning: 9am – 11.30am

Afternoon: 3.30pm – 6pm


The message: Download the petition. Get your family, friends and neighbours to sign. When waiting for your train or in the carriage start a conversation with the person next to you and ask them to sign. Mail/Deliver original petition pages to Lift Redfern.

Next Monday morning is about starting a conversation about Redfern Station on the way to work.

It is about using the time we spend waiting or travelling to make a difference. Being respectful and mindful that it is public space by not blocking entrances, stairs and flow spaces is key to our message.

We want to start the conversation in that space on the platform when our fellow commuters are settled and just killing time, and in carriages as we are travelling. It is a challenge to very slightly stretch our cultural comfort zones and strike up a conversation about our rail system whilst traveling our rail system and actually do something about it.

Enquire as to our fellow passenger’s story or experience. Our challenge is to get our fellow travellers to sign up. To see if they will take a blank petition and commit to getting 10 more signatories.

The more signatures that accompany this petition, the more powerfully it will be heard.


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